Its one of those chatty posts…

Where you are not sure what to write.. you blindly start posting and at the end of it there is this long post and you wonder.. where the hell did this come from πŸ˜€

Yesterday me and my sis were supposed to watch this play But we fought just before we left and hence didn’t go!Β  Storming out of the house with tears streaming down my cheeks I went to my favorite MNK park. That always soothes my frazzled nerves!!Β  So there I was sitting on a lonely bench crying for sometime and then dreaming about this stranger guy who would be uber sweet and ask me what happened.. I would say nothing but he would persist and say.. it is easy to talk to a stranger besides you dont have to meet me again you know.. its a win win situation ( this is what I say when I approach anyone who looks upset !!)Β  And then we talk. We become friends. We meet often after than and fall in love and I thank my sis for fighting with me!! (yes! Even when I cry I still dream about romantic situations πŸ˜› )

I dont understand whats wrong with my sis and me. We both are decent individuals who have no fights with any of our friends. Most find us understanding n sensitive and yet! We both can’t have a 5 min conversation without hurling hurtful words to each other!!

Anyhow, so there I was sitting lonesome.. singing sad songs.. Thats what I generally do.. sing sad songs and slowly they become happy songs and my mood is better.. that and walking on the wet grass bare feet! *heaven*

As it happened, while I was dreaming about this guy.. someone did approach me and asked why I am sitting in the dark corner of the park where no one is arround. For a moment, I was irritated that someone would deem to tell me where I should sit.. just because I am a woman alone! ButΒ then Β I thought may be he is right. It was dark and it is not safe. Even if it is a public park.

It is not a small park.. and it is not too big like lal bagh too. But well I assumed it was said with good intension and I moved to a brighter spot… As it happens, my mood soon became upbeat but I still wasn’t ready to go home. And the park was closing. It closes by 8:30 p.m .. I decided to go to an another park nearby .. Madhavrao park.

On the way I stumbled upon the very same gentleman. He then asked me when I lived. More than once. I asked him why he wanted to know. But he was like.. where do you live? why are you walking alone and this time of the night! That simply did it! Now I cant even walk alone at 8:30 pm ? It would have made sense at may be at 1 am or something. Ideally it shouldnt! If I was with a guy or a guy was alone no one would have bothered! I was so pissed that I told him to mind his business and left..

But then I thought, may be he is one of those rare human specimen who genuinely cared about people. Even strangers! My eyes were swollen with tears( it always does 😦  once it was so swollen that I couldnt see anything ) and my hair.. totally scraggly.. as it was wet and I didnt comb it at all! So I must have cut a sorry figure.

I hope he doesnt get discouraged by my rude reply and he would still approach other troubled souls! May be he can help them out. I really felt bad that I didnt explain it to him nicely that I needed no help. I am upset but I can get home or whatever!

There was another insistent problem that I had no money and my feet hurt 😦 I was wearing heels!) by the time I reached home.. I felt fever rising and I started to cough! For well I spent a damp evening walking on wet grass bare feet with wet hair! How much more stupid can I get ?


16 thoughts on “Its one of those chatty posts…


    gee winnie!!!!!!!

    not saying anything here….just super tight hugs okie???
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{super tight hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    yeah, it can be irritating when ppl make assumptions of what is safe or not for u just coz u are a girl…

    who knows what he thought…

    amen to ur wish that he shudn’t be discouraged. it happens. and am sure if he is the understanding types, he’s know that one is not the frame of mind to think of politeness and courtesy when upset and tearful eyes!!

    that line u use for approaching ppl when they are upset!!! may i borrow it? it wonderful…
    usually i never know how to approach anyone looking upset.. but i feel discomfort if i see someone crying alone… that’s the worst place to be in.

    am sorry u had to be in that place winnie. i hope such days are lesser and lesser sweetie!!!!!

    i know sometimes u need lonely time, but pliss not to extend the lonely time…

    music is the best saviour…. really, its a saviour! music i think is more noble than any other profession! who knows how many lives u touch in what way when u create music!

    take care of ur health!!!
    *get well soon hugs*

  2. My sister and I have been the same πŸ™‚ Now we are best of friends, but I am sure if we are left together for too long, we’d fight again!

    I think that stranger might have meant well… once I saw a teenager crying in a washroom, and I asked her if everything was alright. I felt so bad for her, I wanted to give her a hug… maybe her friends were mean to her, maybe she had a fight with her boy friend… 😦

  3. My brother and I are like that too – we fight like cats and dogs a lot of the time. These days, since we meet so rarely – it is much much better πŸ™‚ Distance probably πŸ™‚

    I am sure that the gentleman wanted to help. He must have got worried seeing how upset you are.. But I can understand the way you reacted too.. I would have done the same too.. Hope you are better now, Meenu! And hope that fever is gone. Take care and HUGS!!

  4. For a moment I thought that your story was taking the dream turn…that is why those turns are in dreams!

    Cheer up! All siblings fight!

    You must already be feeling better, with such sensitive comments from you blogger pals.

  5. dont tell me about sibling fights… !! we are as awful as we can get…. now its silence… earlier it was WWF !!

    we broke beds !!! lol…


    happens.. is all i say !! amazing how we again get together

  6. Stupid? Nah!!!

    You did what you felt like doing at that point of time and some times we should just let your heart take the decisions….as far as being rude to that guy, guess I wud have done the same unless he was a really dishy guy πŸ˜€

    Cheer up dear πŸ™‚

  7. I used to do this when I fought with my mom πŸ™‚

    Its ok…its all a phase…and sooner than u think, U’ll look back & smile at this:-)

    In the meanwhile u’ve simply got to grin & bear it πŸ˜€

  8. I really wonder, a brother or a sister, who could be the closest person to ourselves we could ever meet – why they often have conflicting thoughts and habits? Thank god, we are not cloning humans. I guess, we might not be even friends with ourselves!! But sometimes fights are fun. Me and by brother used to play WWF and what fun that was!

    BTW you have been tagged on the topic ‘Fast Furious and Danceable songs’

    Destination Infinity

  9. That lil streak of madness is a promising ‘genius’ sign. Babysteps I surmise:)
    Sisters…I know:) I ve a puny peculiar imp around too:)

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