Fever taught me!


For how much I want.. or how much I ranted and rave d it took its own sweet time to go!


For it showed me the number of times my sister woke up in the middle of the night to check my temperature.. or the number of times she brought me stuff I demanded.. books.. mobile .. meds!

A new respect for home made food..

We had dosas for 3 days running 😐 as none of us was fit enough to really “cook”


13 thoughts on “Fever taught me!

  1. Get well soon!!!!!! 😛 and yeah, fever has taught me only one thing………….
    stay put in bed sleeping…………… as generally when you live away from home… there is no one to help you ……………… 😛

    and eat only rasam sadam 😛

  2. Glad that you are back to your normal self. You see walking bare feet on wet grass doesn’t help 🙂

    But then there are days. Feels good when they are over and the situation is sorted out.


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