I have been wondering……

Almost all the established religion agree on one evolutionary fact that.. a masculine god created the world.. and that woman was created from a man’s ribs or whatever.. but from a man..

But why the hell then.. continuing this pro-creation became a woman’s responsibility by and large ?

not that I have any complaints about it.. but then why?


18 thoughts on “I have been wondering……

  1. reminds me of the corporate culture..
    the boss hires us underlings, creates work out of thin air, and asks us to finish it off even though there may be no need to do it at all!

    Me: ha ha ha!! 😀

  2. hahaha .i do i do!! i do have complaints and ask the same!! and think of it just for this process..every month of the years we live another torture!!! why all ths! God is certainly biased.coz hes masculine..he favored teh masculine i guess.

    Me: *sigh*

  3. I disagree, just because the translators refer to God as Him does not mean God is was will be masculine. We don’t know who this God is – yeah God sent his son – a man – to die. I dont know. I have my doubts. maybe the lady in the house likes to be a low profile, eh?

    Me: Or may be.. the egoistic man didnt let her come out? using his might? 😉 I have no idea… simply a random thought.. not an opinion 🙂

  4. I am going to answer that with a question.

    If you are not complaining about it, they why ask?

    Somewhere in between lies the answer….

    Me: Just so i know why! is curiosity a crime? 😛

  5. hmhm…. It s because In most cases in most religion, I think it is the male that wrote the scriptures…

    People when they write stuff, they tend to subconsciously include a good value for what they are…

    && this is just a thought… and no serious allegations…

    Me: Makes complete sense 🙂

  6. Good question…I’ll take it up with God tonight.

    Tho its not going to be of any use to me since I’ve already procreated ;-/

    Me: But may be your pain would be justified eh ?

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