You may have heard me saying many times, rain reminds me you. The gentle breeze, the drizzle that caress you while you walk, the bright green, stark nature all remind me of you. But you know what? It is not true.

The fact is, I don’t remember you. I remember the way I was when I was with you. The carefree smile, that almost a trot-like walk. Dreamy eyes. And yes, the dreams. The rain reminds me of all those. I don’t really remember you. I remember me.


15 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Meena,

    I wish it were as easy as that! 🙂 At least in my opinion, when I remember how I was with a person, I remember that person because as a matter of fact the memories of those things are inextricably entwined with the person(s) in question. Period.

    Me: I have to agree with you.. but I am quite self obsessed.. i am more concerned of how i am.. or how i was!

  2. everytime u take ur pen and jot down things..i feel..uv cret into my wailing mind and written it down..which i wasnt able to ..

    Me: Now thats beautiful!! One of my secret wish! I would love to creep into a persons mind!

  3. This is perfect.. I think this is the memory that most of us carry forward, not the person but the self… beautifully articulated..

    Me: Thank you dear 🙂

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