The 500th Post!!

I waited for long to post some good news .. to mark my 500th post.. for some reason the good news want to take its own time to come.. in the mean time I am too impatient to post! I have nearly 3-4 posts waiting to be posted! hence I decided to simply sneak in..

In the meantime I realized I have a lot of things worth mentioning.. out here..

—> I did my first night out in ages! Stayed over at a colleague’s place.. who has slowly become something more than just a ‘office friend’, she has become a buddy I count upon to listen… Sometimes you don’t need advice.. you dont want to know if you are right or wrong.. you simply want someone to listen..

—> A friend had come to the ‘town’ we had an amazing evening. And made a few new friends!

—> Spent few amazing weekends traipsing around!

—> Called many people.. had those late night long conversations!!

—> Read almost 1 book a day! Amazing short story collection by Jeffery Deaver! Worth checking out!!!!

—-> Almost all of my college friends called me over the weekends!!!

I guess that’s it for now!

Generally for the landmark posts.. I thank all my friends.. but this time I dont want to do that. I have in the past given away few awards.. which I have realized , is given away dime a dozen and hence doesn’t interest me much!

But there IS a good news. I am finally back. And this time I mean it.

And also, if you haven’t realized.. I am directing my domain name to this blog.. and to the poems blog…

And well.. the good news was supposed to be that I am moving jobs.. but I guess that won’t happen in near future.. but am ready to leave! My system is bare.. and my domains n emails are moved to different servers 😀 So *fingers crossed*

And what do I say … let the party begin ?

I know of no other way than posting as many blog posts as I can!!!


10 thoughts on “The 500th Post!!

  1. well dearie … thats definitely will be the best to see you blog 😀 !!
    am doubly glad today now … thanks for posting this 🙂
    mwah !!

    Me: *hugs*

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! This is fantastic!

    Wonderful to have you back – I have not been able to read some of your previous posts – will do – in the next few days 🙂

    And yes – I love Jeffrey Deaver’s short stories too!

    Me: *same pinch* 😛 😛 Its wonderful to be back! I am reading his novels now.. just finished the ‘bone collector’ sinister eh ? 😀

  3. Congratulations on the 500th!!! 🙂 Awesome achievement! And you moved to your own custom domain as well…cool! 🙂

    Here’s to more posts….

    Happy Blogging!

    Me: Happy blogging to you too! *hugs*

  4. Congrats on the 500th Miss. Iyer (or should I call you Lady M, you will be the third I am calling that way! :p).

    Anyway Meena, I am sure it has been SOME journey and am glad to have read some of our out of the ordinary posts and poetry. May the passion continue!


    May the passion continue!

    Amen to that!

  5. Congratulations Meena, it really is a milestone!!!!!

    Keep ’em coming:-D!!!!!

    ME: Someone once said to me that.. a mile stone it would be when you stop.. not while you are yet posting! Amen to that!

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