I have sinned!

P.S: Shamelessly, filched from uber posts by Tarun here and here! Am so impressed that I just had to try this! Hope he doesn’t mind and well… I spent my afternoon reading his blog and was soooo inspired that you can see how verbally diarrheac I have been ( 5 posts in a day :d actually 6 of them 😛 )


He: I failed you. Gave all that you wanted but never could give you what you needed. I failed myself. I never could make you happy.

I have sinned. I shall set you free.

She:  I have sinned. I never understood your love. You gave me the world. I chased illusions.

And now lost you forever!


9 thoughts on “I have sinned!

  1. Could relate. As for chasing illusions, when there is speed at heart, fury in the mind, an expanding world at beck and call and vastly enhanced personal faculties, we all chase illusions. In fact, they may well be real at that point… because there are very few things which can be measured against an absolute standard of reality. Everything else passes!

    Me- Agree!

  2. Its beautiful Meena……so full of depth…..in such few words u’ve given us so much to think about.

    Me: The thought is beautiful! Read the links I have provided! Its beautiful!!!

  3. As always very deep! 🙂

    Meens, I am late here to wish you Happy 500th. For another 500 posts..cheers!

    Me: What can I say! Let the party begin? 😀

  4. I second Vishesh. No sin. No good. No bad.

    Me: Then how do we deliver justice? for the basis of justice is the basic “goodness” n “badness” of the deed no ?

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