The M- Mania

I dont know if I ever talked about it.. I have almost talked about everything! but I have a mania about the letter ‘m’ .. may be becoz it is so easily found 😛 😛

Today I found that my stats were ‘M’ in shape.. then I remembered the ‘M’ mountain .. that I had once visited.. posting the pics 😛 😛

M- Mountain
M- Mountain
The "M" stats
The "M" stats

15 thoughts on “The M- Mania

  1. 😆 Winie the poohi my stats also look like mountain ranges 🙂 Some crooked, written with left hand ‘M’s too 🙂

    By the way me 2nd??

    Me: ha ha ha!! Hitchy protests coz he is not the first 😛 😉

  2. The ‘M’ stat would be a norm for you… Not posting for long, and then posting 6 posts one day, take a break for a day, and post 3 more posts the next day 😛

    Follow this trend, and you’ll have multiple ‘M’s 🙂

    Me : true 😦 erm.. 🙂 … I dunno how to react 😀

  3. Hey such a beautiful mountain…where did u click it?????

    Me: its around 60km from bangalore.. a place called skandagiri 🙂

  4. “my stats were ‘M’ in shape” 😉
    And then there are complains of having a wicked mind 😀

    Me: My mind is doing some wicked turns now 😀 😀

  5. You are the fourth M (lady) I have got to know in the last five years! :p. And there are M men I know too… and the list goes up to 8 or 9 I would think.

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