If I show my scars to you, would you like me still ? The tears that I keep hidden.. the feelings that I dont even know I have.. The words that have lost meaning not because I cannot give them structure but  I have long forgotten them  .. would you still like me?

There are shadows in my life. Shadows that I haven’t talked about with anyone. I am afraid they wont like me then. And it is so important. To be liked. I can lie to myself many times, but how would I believe ?

How do I say why having faith is so hard for me? I have seen dreams crumbling many times, rendered useless by one swipe of hand. How can I then believe in the glorious future that is ‘assured’ for me ?

Then again, if I ever try to explain would you listen my inane ramblings until I find a way to articulate ? How do I explain my inexplicable need to communicate and yet the desperate way I wait for someone to ask the right questions and then to find.. no one ever does.. Do you have patience enough to find the right questions?

Dearest, I am asking you all these because I dont think I can ever ask you in person. So when it happens, if it happens, would you be intuitive enough to see beyond my obvious verbal -garbage and seek for those stuff that I never allude to?

I may never be able to express my need for you to know.. yes know them and then pardon me for all my transgressions. And yet, I would never tell. Would you be interested enough to go through my archives and find this letter? For I may never send it.

I might be tempted to, if you were here. When you are here. So when will you be here?


Winnie the poohi


16 thoughts on “Dearest.

  1. I think we all have some of these thoughts… and after a while we feel we are likable enough with all our shadows and our reluctance or inability to articulate. When we like like ourselves, everybody else does too. Self love is a good thing…

    Just some thought that came to mind on reading this touching post..

    Me: You hit the nail at the right spot! Self liking is most important!

  2. Speechless!!

    We often wait for that someone to ask the right question but it never happens the way we see it. So look around may be someone might have asked that question already?

    BTW, there is a surprise for you at my blog!

    Me: Possible. Or may be it didnt seem right to me.. after all there are many different right approaches no ?

  3. That is something everyone can relate to. We all have our fears, we all are not perfect and we all are afraid that someone won’t like/love for who we are as we do have our deepest (sometimes – darkest) secrets. But then they are scared too, they have these thoughts too. At times we got to risk it all to see how much we mean to someone.

    Me: True 🙂

  4. dont tell your scars to any one;

    as we dont hav the right to bore others

    Me: But We have rights to bore that someone special.. its part of their job description.. atleast for me it is 😀

  5. hey long time…I don’t have right words to comment on this post, but just want to say no one is perfect. So please be confident on yourself, have faith and love yourself….{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}

    Me: Nids *hugs* and welcome back 😀

  6. Around 95% of them will never undertstand unless u told them :-). So Winnie…U have to talk…infact make him listen.

    ….unless ofcourse he is different from the rest of the herd.

    Me: Nance .. it was written for someone who would come to my life.. in the future.. lets see how i handle it then 😀

  7. This is what someone I hold dear has been going through. Ah! The need to express.
    This post is a wow:)

    Belated diwali greetings:)

    Me: Not belated yet!

  8. {{{{Hugs}}}}} dear!

    I have always felt that the rt qs have never been asked or atleast nt @ the rt time 😦 Talk it out dear!

    Take care and do what u feel is the best!

    Me: This is a letter written to my future “guy” 😛 😛 and is totally fiction in a way 🙂

  9. Meena,

    Interesting last lines. And I “obviously” loved the post! 🙂 Strikes a cord somewhere. My personal take is simple: those who love – and I do not mean love “images” – will love you, love people for what they are and not what they want them to be. And yet it is there, at that point which so rarely comes, that we feel fulfilled in life! 🙂

  10. And here I’m, waiting with my questions, right next to you, for THAT someone who would be patient and understanding enough to listen to us and answer us.

    Am I even still hopeful? Don’t know. 🙂

    This will remain one of my most favorite posts for a long time to come.

    Me: Hey! Its wonderful to have you on my blog space after ages! Thank you for dropping by!! 🙂

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