Decisions that you twaddle upon for long.. are then made in a moment. I think thats the way it should be. One might be advised to think again .. to not be impulsive.. but the point is.. you have already been thinking about it for long.. and have been caught in a limbo.. at the edge.. all you ever needed was the final “push” and when you get that.. you better move.. else.. what remains.. even if that is you.. is a distorted and much tortured version of you no ?


5 thoughts on “Decision

  1. Often its the lack of courage to stand by the decisions (that one takes) that forces them to think for a long time.

    No wonder they end up torturing themselves for not stepping up.

    Me: That wasn’t what I visualized when I wrote this.. but yes.. makes sense πŸ™‚

  2. Yes. Impulse is an over-rated emotion. It is very rare, in the true sense. More often than not, the thought has lingered for long and it is a final push which gets seen as ‘being impulsive’ πŸ™‚

    Me: Indeed!!

  3. I agree with it in principle but I am not too sure in spirit. At least when it comes to certain things… anyway, Meena without detracting from the text, I should say it made a lot of sense!

    PS: I believe in holding on no matter what happens… but perhaps that’s just me. May be I am indecisive, may be even strife in the company of things and people special will wane and give way to something better!

  4. the unpredictability in decision making arises only when you think in all dimensions,
    unwilling take risk and you need to be brave to take one and to stick to them

  5. I have often wondered about how we take sensible decisions on an impulse and how some people might even save their lives on a last minute decision to jump, or run or yell…

    Me: So what do you say? impulse works? Often impulse makes hero out of ppl too isnt it?

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