Seeking Answers….

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There are few questions in my mind that I am seeking answers for. These questions are not really new questions but for some reasons I find myself not able to reply..

1.Β  I was by chance listening to the song “Oru Oru pookallame”Β  and the lines.. ‘Nambikai Enbathu Vendum Nam Vaazhvil
Latchiyam Nitchayam Vellum Oru Naalil’

This made me think what is it that I want to achieve in my life? Some purpose towards which I am working on ? Frankly, I couldnt find any answer.. I am not really looking forward to marry and settle.. nor am I ambitious enough and looking forward to make money.. reach some position.. nor write a book and become famous or anything.. forget long term goals.. everyday when I wake up I dont have anything to achieve at the end of the day.. not even at work. So what is your goal in your life? Or are you a drifter like me ?

2. Faith is something that has bugged me for some time now. I wonder if I really have faith in anything .. Not just faith in “God” I mean plain faith..Β  I think each one of us should have belief in something.. in some values.. even if it is wrong.. What are the foundation values do you believe in? Some ideas.. opinions you know you will never change ..

I once used to think I believe in honesty.. but then i wonder if I am given a choice.. a single lie or loose someone I love what would I choose… I know this is extreme.. but then thats exactly is what troubling me… I want to know the extremes that can define me..

So What defines you ? Can you define urself in 1 word.. oh in 10 words atleast ?


23 thoughts on “Seeking Answers….

  1. If one believes in the theory of β€œKarma” then its better to be a good human being than being a successful one.

    Me: I agree πŸ™‚ in theory.. but sometimes life shows you stuff that makes you think why me? I have never harmed anyone knowingly.. neither did my family.. all my life I helped anyone I could help.. and yet.. why do I have to face this? I am sure one says.. look at ppl more unfortunate than you and count your blessings.. but isnt that a defeatist attitude? you look at someone inferior to feel superior ?

    Or may be you would say you did something infinitely wrong in ur past births.. well what can i say to that other than i dont believe in past births?

  2. You would be surprised: in fact, FAITH as it were, purpose to become something has harmed as many people as “being infidel” has. No I am not promoting purposefulness or lack of it. All that I wish to say is “live life”. A tidal wave of change has come over me and I have stopped believing in credos of any kind as well as ambitions. Manage your everyday well, and Life serves its ends.

    Sorry if that sounded pontifical, but then yeah that’s just me. :p

    Me: Well are you telling me that now you dont follow any credos? That would be a shame. Though I dont have full faith in my capabilities I still believe partially in some home truths or ethics etc etc

  3. It would be impossible to define a person in 10 or I’d say even 20 words, it would be like trying to retell the complete Mahabharata in a single sentence. It can be done – “Good wins over evil”, but it hardly makes any sense.

    On the other hand I think it is very easy to define someone.. I can just say “I live” and get on with it, and those two words, a small sentence can carry the weight of a lifetime..

    Now I am confused!

    Me: Well I live is a start I think.. If you have said I breathe.. now that would have been really a poor definition πŸ™‚ not everyone who breathe lives

  4. I am just “ME” .. i can change at will or forced by time and people .. I can believe in nothing or trust everything.. based on my mood ! so naah .. nothing can define me .. oh but people call me an “enigma” ! how much that is true.. i dnt know.. nor did i try to find …
    Me: πŸ™‚

  5. I will try with 10 different words ( These words will contradict each other )

    Hypocrite or coward
    Self centered

  6. Its the quality of life that matters not quantity. If you are happy with that aspect of life, nothing should matter.

    As far as faith is concerned, I believe that one should have faith in themselves than others as that way they are in better position to accept the success/failures of life.

    Values have a different take altogether.

    Me: I guess am asking these questions as I am not happy I guess πŸ™‚ And as far as faith is concerned I agree with you.. and yet… sometimes it is hard to have faith just in yourself πŸ™‚

    Define one in a word? Survivor πŸ™‚

    P.S. Why don’t you put up a pretty pic of yours? with a smile perhaps πŸ˜€

  7. I feel we always know when we are wrong (or right) we are the best judges for ourselves. I have seen that inner confidence and self-love (or self-worth) comes by living by what one believes is truly right – if you think it’s right then that’s good enough. That’s the faith I have.

    And Winnie we don’t need high ambition and serious goals to live happy lives. How you live your life should be your choice, do you even want to have these goals or is it the pressure we all live with? I chose to be a homemaker when many of my friends have great careers, but I am content in doing what I like – my biggest satisfaction is being able to do what I love to do – right now it’s blogging πŸ™‚

    These are wonderfully thought provoking questions!! Hugs, IHM

    Me: It is not about high or low ambitions nor about right or wrong.. its about having some plans. I mean I have to have something to look forward to. Live for the moment is all good but it doesnt give you any comfort nor motivates you.. *sigh*

  8. 1) Sometimes i too feel that I am drifting. But then I see it as a phase in my life which will pass eventually.

    2) I stick to what i feel is right, but i always make sure that my right does not affect others rights.

    Me –> Confused

    Me: Drifting has become a way of life now πŸ™‚

  9. hanging on to my goals…even though i havent got admission for phd till this day…but guess i can never be a drifter…that day life would lose meaning…basically i am studious boring type of a gal…so i think i wont stop…we all must keep moving…

    anyways good luck on ur poetry blog nomination…good poetry there…

    good luck



    Me: Good luck to you too for anything you hope to achieve. A god friend reminded me of something today.. do what you want to do and rest will follow πŸ™‚

  10. come to think of it Meena, credos – whether they are religious, communal, familial, relational etc – are sought to give us security. However, credos only give us a sense of security because security, if at all such a thing exists, does not come from out there. Also tied with security is the aspect of permanence, all of which are humanly created concepts (in a big way).
    I believe in understanding life more through how my mind reacts to situations. Seeing how the mind reacts within a gamut of preconceived notions is tantamount to responding from conditioned perspectives. Getting out of that circularity is not easy but I am trying.
    And yes eventually if I get to that point, I will have no credos. As of now quite a few are still left in me. πŸ˜›

    Me: I have to agree with you infact.. I guess this is what I have come to believe too and yet.. having no credo in my life scares me πŸ™‚

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