Of bangalore, new years , parties and friends!

Here I am .. all dressed up waiting for my friend to pick me up for the last event of the year/week/decade/month etc etc etc.. And I get this terrible urge to get all chatty .. and well so here I am.. writing this post .. which might be abandoned any minute now.

Year ends are always nostalgic..  or rather retrospection – inducive.

This year by far has been really terrible in many ways, but today, contrary to my usual habit I am not gonna dwell upon it. I am going to instead talk about the year that will come.

Each year, I make a list of resolution that I almost never live upto.. or even bother to look up again. So this time.. no resolution from my end.

This year, i did end up doing some stuff that I always wanted to do!

– Late night party.. or umm over night party.. I never thought I would do it.. but this christmas I did that and more.

– Getting fultoo drunk! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.. at the same time, the embarrassment the next few days .. ah well I would rather no repeat it..

– I lost 10 kgs of weight!! yippie!! more because of the dengue fever that I was down with than coz of the exercise.. but what the heck I am thinner yippie!!!!


The new year, for me is going to be full of number of “first time”  without yous.. I guess this is going to be all the time now.. and I shouldnt dwell on it..


Ah and.. well.. yesterday was kind of a weird day for me. Of all the places in bangalore.. the area that I live in was under lot of tension as one of the leading actor of ‘Sandalwood’ had died. Incidentally he lived near by.. and died of natural causes.. and yet… well we all know what happened.

One of the most harrowing moment yesterday was when someone threw stone on the car window just outside our window.. and we were just standing by the window and looking at the hooligans having fun at others expense.. and we could do nothing about it..

This craziness doesnt make sense.. however we take heart from the fact that it was better than the last time.. but what we should be thinking is.. should it have happened at all ?

So since yesterday night, the most hot topic of discussion was.. should be go out for partying? what with mangalore incident and Raj kumar’s death.. is bangalore safe enough ?

I know my thoughts are a lot disjointed.. one of the reason is that I have been really busy with little or no sleep too!

We are finally shifting places. The whole experience of finding houses was so tiresome that I might one day make a post of it.. may be when I have caught my breath after packing + unpacking etc etc.. We are shifting on Saturday.. and yet I am stealing a lot of time to just go out and party!! I guess I shouldnt.. but what the heck.. 2010 comes only once no ?

Btw, I am so looking forward to my birthday cum house warming party!! And my new house.. its a gem! It was worth every painful sigh

Ah well my friend is here.. adieus guys for now!!


9 thoughts on “Of bangalore, new years , parties and friends!

  1. In a year that shld rank as my worst and best – eventful is better – your poetry, and later candid prose, has been a revelation and reason to celebrate from time to time. Thanks for the delights and in them I have discovered that in some sense persons like I aren’t alone in this world.
    I too have realised the need not to ponder but to go on whatever that heralds. While it may take time given my disposition, I am sure I will have moved in that direction by this time next year.
    Indulging oneself at the end of a hard year is something you deserve… so here’s the toast. 🙂 🙂 Wish you a fantabulous 2010. 🙂 🙂

  2. Meena, Happpppy New year to you too 🙂

    Liked your ramble on the perceptions of the year gone by…. 🙂 And best wishes for the one to come, 2010 🙂

    Bestest wishes for the housewarming and happy birthday in advance too!
    God Bless!

  3. Hey Winnie!

    New Year Hugs!

    Hope you had a good celebration! Wish you all the luck for this year!

    u moving on ur bday? 😀

    if u’d like a crochet cupcake, pliss to email me ur new address 😀 😀
    not kidding, i mean it! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Wonderful!!! that was a lovely long ramble…enjoyed reading it.

    U lost 10 kgs huh…..really cool, now maintain that weight. Good Luck 😀

    Wishing U Wonderful year ahead!!!!!!

    p.s: u’ve been awarded :-)!!!

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