In our house, we listen to our parents…..

When I heard this as an excuse, I can’t say how blastedly angry I became! I spent the whole cab drive explaining him why this was wrong… I don’t think this made any difference to him ( my cab driver).

Well this is what happened.

We were in general talking about his family when he mentioned about a sister who got married after std 12th. When asked he said that the groom’s family planned to educate her but they had kids and that was it.

Over time, he revealed that his younger sister too is sitting at home ( waiting to be married) after 12th std. The reason being his parents are afraid of her well being, since they live in a conservative and very provincial small town.

When asked why he wouldn’t bring her to bangalore to educate her, he says, he is afraid or familial tension between her and his wife! Also, they never go against their parents as his parents wouldn’t want their daughter away from them.

Furthermore, I asked what he would do, if ever, his sister gets married and for some reason loses her husband? Would he be able to take care of her on his meager pay ( he already has 2 kids and planning a next one), he agrees it won’t be possible. He agrees that what I say makes sense ( that his sister must be self sufficient) however, he is not willing to convince to his parents!

The talk ended with this excuse!

How insufferably evasive!


4 thoughts on “In our house, we listen to our parents…..

  1. I guess if they are financially doing well then the only reason for making them study further would be a thought of the girls finding their own spouse/partners.

    In today’s life everyone has to look out for themselves, no one is going to help unless they ask for it…

  2. Not wanting to convince may be a question of wrong choice Meena, but I know enough souls who will not raise a hand against their parents even if they are right. And no I am not speaking of cabbies with two kids planning a third one – from a conservative family and all.
    Your anger gladdens me; I would be angry too. But I suppose you should try to see how – if not why – for some parents are gods incarnate! Period.

  3. The village men in india gives more importance to family values , ty r conservatory in some relations.Also he may not b financiallysound to her well educated daughter to find a well educated groom

  4. That is so sad, Meenu. Atleast he must not be a very educated person – I have seen this even in so-called educated families who just want to get over with the ‘burden’ of marrying off their daughters/sisters. Makes me sick 😦

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