You know you have really crossed the line…..

Really crossed the line between addiction and obsession when you find that you are willing to go to any length to satisfy your urge..

And of all the “usual” urges, standing tall and uberly insistent, in my case is my obsession with reading!

Figure this…

Today , while doing the morning shift, I happened to request a friend of mine to email me a ebook pronto, and she being really a lovely friend, did so. I had to leave this book half way as my shift got over… For you see it was a book on magic.. give me witched\s, warlocks and wizards and a story and I lap it up like my sweety licks her bowl of coffee( she does it long after even the smell of coffee has disappeared and yes she drinks coffee)

Since I dont have net at home and incidentally my pen drive is borrowed by someone else, I was left with no option but to leave without the file…

However, once I reached home it dawned upon me that I wont be going to office until Sunday morning. And such a huge gap didnt go well with me. I forced my sis to come with me to the Airtel ppl to implore them to some how hasten their process of installation of inet connection only to be fed with a sad news that the area we live in doesnt have airtel coverage 😐

Other smart ppl might have quit at this stage. But I bull – dozed ( read auto rickshawed) my sister to the nearest BSNL office where I was told that it would take nearly 1 week. Disheartened I decided to hit the nearest cyber cafe.

Only problem being, I didnt know the area well ( recently shifted). So I decided to comb the nearby areas to look out for cyber cafe. On the way, I found a circulating library and I was SO EXCITED… but to no avail.. God doesnt seem to have mercy on my poor novel hungry soul The LIBRARY was closed forever…

But being resourceful that I am, I asked him about the nearest cyber cafe. On given directions I realized that it was pretty close to my place, had I turned the opposite way. But now I had to cover double the distance.

NowΒ  I have even more peculiar problem. Last time when we changed the chasis of our computer, the comp guy decided to remove the floppy drive as its obsolete. And we agreed as we got some reduction in pay as well as we had a brand new cd/dvd RW.. who wants the stupid floopy drive?

However, as it happened, for some reason even the dvd drive doesnt work. We havent gotten around to fix that yet. (Who needs that we have a pen drive).. So the solution was to buy a new pen drive. Big deal!

So I trotted down to the nearest cyber cafe ( the aforementioned, direction provided cyber cafe) . The cafe did have pen drive but not the denomination I wanted and they didnt take card.. And since all I carried was a CC and some loose cash ( 100-120 bucks) I had to ask for a shop that does take CC.

Ah you guessed it.. I again had to go the opposite way .. a long way! And then I reached the shop mentioned. But their CC swiping machine didnt work and they directed me to the Reliance digital shop which mercifully was just opposite to this shop. Also, with my usual resourcefulness I asked for the nearest cyber cafe!Β  ( Ah did you think I would walk all the back to the other cyber cafe? )

Finally after buying the pen drive, having a near collision accident and fighting with the stupid bike driver that caused it, somehow I managed to find the cyber cafe and download the books !

Oh yeah! nearly 2 hoursΒ  and a post later, I am ready to leave the cafe and go home and enjoy my book!

I hope I dont lose my way back… ( Knowing my propensities.. it is very much possible.. hopefully though it doesnt happen.. I do have a vague idea of the way back.. )


19 thoughts on “You know you have really crossed the line…..

  1. Wow! I read book under the street lights thru the night, because there was no electricity in the hostel… good thing the roads were inside the uni campus… heee heee
    Birds of the same feather…

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