Wait until the dark…..

This story is of the time when Radio Mirchi , Radio One.. etc was not yet known to people. Fm Radio meant only one channel. And people tuned into it religiously and not just as an entertainment. It was a way of life like Twitter and Facebooks are a way of life now. They even had a radio club and HAM Radios were in vogue. ( It still might be around. I certainly hope so).

The heroine of our story, henceforth only reffered as ‘she’, was not from the Radio generation though. However, as soon as the clock hit 8:00 p.m, she would deligently tuned to FM 107.1. For it was time. Time to get spooked, chilled and generously scared to the very bone.Β  For it was time for the show.. “WAIT UNTIL THE DARK”. How thrilling!!!

So it seemed.. until……

Until that day. It was a normal enough day. Nothing really implied the sinister experiences that awaited her in the evening. If there was anything that was different then it was that she was alone in the house. This had happened before, so it wasn’t any thing unusual. So there she was sitting in a darkened bedroom ( for effect. The tube in the hall was lit and was burning brightly enough for comfort), listening to that charming voice that she often dreamt about in her own hazy version of idol-worship. And what stories this guy spun. OfΒ  ghosts, murder, revenge and love beyond death!!And how graphic his description was!!

It happened while he narrated the a story, rather it followed the story. While he was talking about how a door creaked somewhere lazily as if its trying not to open with a horrible squeak.. Kehhhhh kehhhhh, she heard the door above her floor open somewhere , Kehhhhh kehhhhh

Then footsteps resounded . Thak Thak Thak

As he said it would.

Then there was a brief flashing of light. A car passed on the road. ( As he said it happened!)

Then a sudden eerie silence.

And in that silence, A door bell rung.. Overloud. Trrrrrring Trrringggg!!

And a scream came out involuntarily Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ( As in the story said by the charming RJ)

Only she didnt know what happened after that. For you see, the scream followed by insistent knocking and lot of name calling while she caught her breath.

And since then this show was banned for her.. for you see her Dad had returned home and he wasn’t amused by such a reception!

P.S: I have to thank Yogesh for giving me inspiration to write this story πŸ™‚

P.P.S: If you haven’t guessed by now.. It did happen to me.

P.P.P.S: And yes such a show was hosted by Chintu Bhosle ( Asha Bhosle’s grandson) when i was in my teens. I was enamoured enough to write him a fan mail from a cyber cafe and he answered!! too bad soon enoough I came to know he was married **sigh**


7 thoughts on “Wait until the dark…..

  1. LOL this was really good… I was actually scared wondering what was going to happen next!! The ending was a relief!

    It’s good to read your amazing fiction again … or not really fiction here!

    Me: he he he thank you!!

  2. That must have been one hell of a night πŸ™‚

    Ah, it feels good to inspire people πŸ˜€

    I used to listen (can say made too) radio before the FM age and it was so lively back then with all kinds of shows making the cut.

  3. LOL….that was hilarious Winnie :-D!!!!
    I was expecting ur usual unexpected twist in a tragic way and for a moment cdnt understand wht was happening πŸ˜€

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