Scaling Mountains….

So what do you generally do on a really hot sunday afternoon? We scale mountains.. err hills 😀 Ah well I mean.. I did this weekend. And I gotta tell you the pics r just awesome!! I cant stop staring at myself 😀 😀

So the whole story started when a friend of mine introduced for this awesome group knowing that I would totally adore them.. after all they were passionate about trekking ( So am I.. though I have gone for only 1 trek in the past 5 years nearly.. and this was the second one!!). On the grounds of not being really ‘fit’ I kept avoiding trips.. for lets face it I was atleast 15 kgs fatter than what I was in college and even in college I wasn’t think.. no where near thin.. (in other words.. quite plump) .

So the adventure started the day before. First thing first I didnt have a proper ‘gear’ to wear for trekking.. I didnt want something chunky and unfeminine nor I wanted unruly clothes that wouldnt let me climb and all… So I asked my sister.. who always happen to get the best clothes deal somehow to suggest some places.. Sadly.. they didnt have any in my size.. and those that they did have.. was sadly very loose and very masculine.. whats with ppl? Cant fat ppl be feminine? Bah!

So very disappointedly , I hit few more stores and finally stumbled into Reebok, knowing for sure, am gonna get out of it by making my bank quite depleted! And thats what happened 🙂

That night I simply couldnt sleep. Every hour or so I woke up to check time and then to wait till it was 5 :30 and I could get to the bathroom.. by the time we all assembled and set to our destination ( there were 7 of us) it was already 7:30.  We reached our destination Siddhara betta, some 60-80 km away , on the Tumkur Road, by 10:30-ish.

I was pretty sure that I am going to be tired half through the way. But surprisingly, it was an easy trek and we were disappointed to see that we reached the top within an hour!! So we decided to explore horizontally.. And thus.. not a single observation bunker, not a single rock was left unclimbed.

One of the most heart touching fact ( there were others too) was that There was this quaint little temple which was adjacent to a Dargah..and both Hindus and Muslims used the same door to enter and same pond to take bath before they started to climb! And no where did we see any discord!!

The second heart touching moment was the friendliness of the people..!! While I was coming back there were many ppl who asked me if am okay.. did i find the trek tiresome et al.. one uncle went even so far as to say.. I should do more of them and shed some weight  ( THAT wasn’t heart rending but what the hell right?)

If that wasn’t enough, one family was generous enough to invite us for lunch which we politiely declined only to be offered sweets (holige) which we delightfully accepted!!

If that wasn’t enough we even had an ‘Awww’ moment when one of the love birds spontaneously went down on the knees to propose to the future better half.. And it was girl doing it for a change!!

You must be thinking that so far in the post there is nothing about the surroundings.. but what can I do? there are so many other things to talk about.. like I haven’t yet spoken about a totally tweetable moment that I missed when I couldnt take apic of a man precariously sitting on a bamboo stick suspended mid air on an truck.. just waiting for a speed breaker for an ‘Ouch’ moment or about a totally tweetable moment that Dada (one of the trekkers, the organizer) didnt miss.. that of a monkey eating Parle -G quite daintily!

Oh well.. so the surrounding was very a la sholay.. huge rocks.. precariously placed.. esp in way that it makes an wonderful hideout.. or a splendidly cool place for a picnic lunch. There wasn’t many steep curves and we had by and large servicable  steps… We also had the luck to see the ruins of a palace of then king.. full of beautiful pillars and quite wonderful sculptures.. It had an amazing vista of criscrossing roads and railway tracks. We were lucky to see some hawks too.

And the best part of the day was posing for pictures and climbing the rocks. And modesty be damned.. I was pretty good at it 😀

But of course  there was atleast one or two scary moments.. like once when I was climbing at the edge of a bunker without support .. and the second when I slipped while crwaling up only to meet the welcoming stone. I was never more happy that  I have a lot of fat in the ass that cushioned my fall 😀 😀

All In all it was an amazing experience!!

Leaving you guys with some pictures 😀


9 thoughts on “Scaling Mountains….

  1. South Indian diet is low in fat and high in carbs. The body ends up converting those carbs into the wrong kind of fat that ends up in wrong places.
    1. Try replacing unhealthy snacks with dried coconut. It works as a miracle and is very filling.
    2. Eat mindfully.

    (Unsolicited advice, once again. You, like all the other Indian girls before, will ignore this. I am sure).

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