The truth…

I have this sneaky thought that the person called ‘tombraider’ who comments on my posts actually knows me in real life..and doesnt like me one bit.. but since there is no way for me to know.. I have a confession to make.. The story Impression was actually a tweaked version of a true story..

It was Dec 31st 2006. And I was in a relationship.. online relationship. Those days Orky was supposed to be the hippest thing around and popularity was measured by no. of scraps and testimonials you have.. So as it happened.. I toldΒ  my then boy friend that i wished i had 10000 scraps by end of the oldΒ  year.. I had around 7000-8000 or something.. So this guy, to impress me, set out to categorically spam my scrapbook with random romantic quotes filched shamelessly from the internet.

And frankly I was not impressed. I would rather appreciated it even, if it was something original.. If I had wanted just copy paste.. I could have simply done it myself.. anyhow.. what was more irksome was that I was online at that time and he wasnt being attentive enough while he was busy spamming me and wouldn’t stop even though i told him it was pointless and that I didnt really mean it seriously… We end up having a fight. .. One of our very first fights.. We broke up 2 months down the line..

There you go Tomb Raider now you have the truth!


14 thoughts on “The truth…

  1. Sorry but I find it weird…

    First you told him to post 2000 scraps in some hours and u expected it to be something original.
    You could have just asked for 1 scrap πŸ™‚


  2. HI winnie

    I thnk u overreacted..watever it i think his only intention was to impress u…may be he spammed u..tht too romantic its ur life..Enjoy..:)

  3. hey

    cool blog…just stumbled upon it and enjoying read it…

    Whoa, he actually spammed to get u to 10k..sheesh… !! oh well, hope u found someone better or may u find someone awesomee!! its good fun interacting with u on twitter… πŸ™‚

    see ya soon…

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