Have you ever passed through a picturesque location or a remote village and wished you could stay there for a few days? No , I am not copying this line from that interesting ad of Amir khan where he exhorts us to live and dream.. but this is where my story starts.  I was asked this by a friend. He was recanting his crazy experience. Before I start, I would like to say something about this friend.

I find it hard to describe him.. not because I do not find words to use, but coz, I am trying to find words not to use. In one word I can say mercurial. Forever exciting. Full of pathos and yet with a childlike disregard of the norms. Crazy in a way that you would either shake your head and hope nothing to do with him.. or may be just like to clap as an bystander.  And I have a terrible urge to understand his workings of the inner recesses of his mind. He has me piqued and forever amused by his antics.

So the story actually started on a gtalk conversation. Our first since he did his disappearing act on me few months ago. He was explaining his absence. As it happened, ( i wouldn’t go into personal details), he had lost his wallet so the money and the ticket just after he boarded the train. Hence had to do ticketless travelling. Everytime the TT caught with him he got down and explored the town. Surviving on general generosity of the teeming millions literally, it took him around 7 days to reach his destination. If you are wondering why he didnt ask or inform any of his friends and family, I can’t tell you. Neither can he. Lets just put it down to his general unpredictability.

Anyhow, his adventures, misadventures if you like, charmed me like always ..

So have you done anything remotely crazy lately?


9 thoughts on “Crazy…

  1. Crazy but enviable!! How I wish I could just take off like that sometime !

    The craziest thing I have ever done is stop the car and take pictures of something interesting on the road side 😐

  2. They are fun.

    I have at least done this twice, once the three of us decided on it spontaneously and the second time involuntarily and it turned out quite an incident not to forget 🙂

  3. WOW…..

    hmhm…… now thats an unpredictable guy…. Yeah, I have been crazy enough to go on unplanned journeys but no not without money…

    Wow… again

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