Dear friend… ( sadness alert)

Dear friend,

I wrote and rewrote this post many times and yet I find it hard to express what I really wanna say. In fact, I stumbled thousand times on the epithet to call you with and finally settled on this totally abstract word ‘ A friend’ but you are that and lot more… and yet a friend the foremost.

Now, I am not going to indulge with memories , with things said and did, the walk in the rain, late night chatter, the kind of connection I havent felt since college .. and yet, how could I not hold them all close and cherish ?

I will do all that and more.

My heart wants to reiterate right now that this is not a good bye letter and yet, it is that. Isn’t it ?

Can’t help being in a black mood and say.. things are never going to be same again and yet, this crazy heart says, it never was. Things change, people change. Even memories change. With time they fade and become rosy… but what remains are bold bold features.. that define us.

Memories. Mine would always hold you and urs mine.

So this is a good bye in kind.

No late night chats. No calls. No meeting during week, weekends.

No visits to blossom together. No crazy walks.

No sharing books. No more scolding you.

Ah yes that. Did you know you are the only person I can scold without worrying about if I hurt you or not.. I dunno why.. I dont even scold my sis like that. But you…

There have been times when we might have really hated you. There are times like you said.. I wondered if this was it.. if this was the end or may be the plateau of our relationship , if it would wither away.. and yet, like a wily creeper, we always found a way out of the tangle, found a way to still be friends, confidantes.

Remember the day we met first ? In bru ha ha .. talking non stop.. trying to out talk each other.. drifting from topic to topic like on fire..

OR the days of Boca Grande..

Ah.. I didnt mean it to be so sad.. but .. I guess its easy to write about sadness.. somehow.. i dunno why..

Its not like.. I wont have other friends, not have fun. Its not like you would disappear from life.. or that we will never meet again.

But it stays that…

We would never be same……

Yours crazily,


P.S: No wonder I will never send this letter to you!


16 thoughts on “Dear friend… ( sadness alert)

  1. If this person feels even half of wht u do I’m sure it is worth saving yet…..ask to meet and talk face to face. Lots of issues have been resolved tht way.

  2. Winnie, I’m not new to your blog. Been visiting it since some good two years… You’re an amazing writer… actually one of the first bloggers I saw here and I wanted my blog to be as good as yours. I lost that old blog… anyway…

    This post seems to reflect every emotion I have felt. I’ve been there, done that and I know it hurts a lot. I’ve cried a river, all alone. And I’ve come out stronger with no regrets. You know why? Because I chose to give it everything without ever thinking of what I’d get in return.

    Please send that letter. You never know what God has in store for you 🙂


    P.S. you’ll be seeing more of me on your blog now 🙂

    1. Ah mehreen!! I remember you 😀 😀

      Warm sunshine isnt it ? hows u dearie? loved your template.. simple n sweet.. am not able to comment from office.. will drop there during weekend 🙂

  3. It is (was) Brew Ha Ha 🙂
    Boca Grande was a favorite spot for me too for a while.

    Oh I digress … it is hard to move on but move on, you must.


  4. Beautiful Winnie. She must be a special friend indeed. With some its hard to define really. You call them a friend and yet you know they are something more. What exactly you don’t know. But something more.


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