Who dunnit…

After reading quite an interesrting story written by Ajay Nair , called Reunion , I initially thought I would simply post my reply as a comment. However, I figured I might as well post it . as required by the contest 🙂

This is quite an interesting contest by BlogAdda , wherein one has to guess the killer… and the story is worth reading!! In fact, I would suggest you to click on the name and visit his blog too. ( I spent all morning reading his stories 😀 )

So here is the back ground story  in one line- 3 ex husbands, a twin sister go for a party with the fatally ill Lila which ends in her death.

And now we have to guess who did it.

My answer is:

I think its an suicide. Someone who lived life so voraciously and on her terms cannot face the fact that she would be dying. Especially since she got the ‘virus’ which I figure is AIDS. She still is beautiful after having aged ( am guessing she should be in her late 40s early 50s) so I guess she wouldnt wanna lose that beauty.

Having said that, there is also the fact that all of her exes and also her sister wanted to get rid of her, that should rankle. They had even tried to kill her… so am sure she wanted to take revenge.

What better poetic justice she could provide herself than implicating them in her death finally when they no longer care whether shes alive or not?

This irony am sure she would appreciate 🙂


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