have you ever wondered why..

Why is it that given a choice between a nice guy and a guy who can be called trouble, women go for the “Trouble” ?? Mostly in romance novels.. and sometimes.. in real life too?


3 thoughts on “have you ever wondered why..

  1. boys always tend to be nice to their girlfriend by shadowing their original behaviour,
    while trouble guy may be rebel who dont care to built such image

  2. Sometimes?

    Women are equally confused like men. All the crap that women has good sixth sense, they know everything from first kiss… is just BS

    Me: *reserving my judgment on that 😛 *

  3. A very good question 🙂

    You see the nice guy does not has the “oomph” that the bad guy has which gets the girl excited.

    After the romance is over with the bad guy, girl goes back to the nice guy knowing he might not have the desired “oomph” but he will take good care of her.

    So in the end, I might add that we need bad guys so that girls can know how to treasure a nice guy.

    Me: Nice way of looking at it. Sometimes bad guys fall in love too. And then the nice guy keeps waiting n waiting 😛

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