Shall I write today..

Shall I write today a delicate little romance,

To give my heart a little chance

To grope and may be to hope

Ever sweet and tender

Or may be it would let my heart go asunder

Shall I write then a story of complicated intrigue

A mystical tale of everlasting fatigue

Of servants of Eros and gulliable heroes

Indeed a gilded contraption

To yield my mind a pleasant distraction

Shall I then, write something today?

P.S: I know a stupid verse. But my heart wanted me to try. Poetry is not for me at least for a time being!


4 thoughts on “Shall I write today..

  1. try and try
    you will succed one day

    Me:- If one has to ‘try’ one has already failed. One does or one doesn’t . There is no try to do. Just do or don’t .

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