Why do you care so much… ?

You asked me once. And I do not know with what intent. It is sad thing really. This kind of conversation, had not with glances and touches but with blinking cursors and taps of keys. For much is lost in them.

Like this question. What would you have me tell you? Should I say that its a folly of a lonely woman desperate enough to pin hopes where the hopes do not lie?

Or shall I assign the blame to the ever romantic heart that rejoices in the delicate nuances of imagination that reigns my weary heart?

Sometimes, I want to ascend the rescinded stairs of the chambers of misgotten ills, for they are just that, wounds collected like trophies, and lay before you the very tapestry of guilt and pain enmeshed with tears. Oh yes! Shall I show you the intricate patters that I no longer identify but in parts? Mayhap you can find an answer there. Why would I care so much you ask.. and I have no answers but these.

Tatters of an oft strangled, much mended heart and hopes of ever romantic dreams cast out through a rose tinted filter…. I have nothing but these to show. If you do find the reason, do let me know. Mayhap then, I shan’t be fraught with this gossamer web of dreams that renders me fragile.

Mayhap then, I shall find a way to be more strong .

Oh until then do not dare ask, why I care so much…


3 thoughts on “Why do you care so much… ?

  1. I guess one should learn from you how to weave magic with words.

    Beautifully written.

    Me- Oh my! thank you! but I cant accept them. I am a long way from ‘weaving magic’ with words!

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