How can you define freedom ? It is not just a concept nor an abstract thought. When someone asked me to define it, frankly I couldnt find words in which I could bind the ‘nature’ or ‘spirit’ of freedom. Hence, I did the next best thing I could..

I asked all of  my friends ( on orkut, facebook and twitter and some on google talk) to define it for me. Most ignored it, some took it as a joke and some replied seriously. Few had a bad luck of being dragged into arguments. It turned out to be fun.

And yet, I was no where closer to finding a perfect definition to freedom.

Does absolute freedom exist? A friend defined it as “an ability to scratch my butt as and when I want it and yet not be looked down upon for it”. However, if we are at the receiving end, would we like to look at something like that? What about our freedom of not being subjected to disgusting sights ? So basically, the freedom we experience is relative to other people’s tolerance to our freedom.

Thus, freedom cannot be defined in itself at all. Freedom is experienced always, within constraints. In a movie called Provoked, the protagonist says, I found freedom the first time in prison. She didnt mean in the way I am quoting her. But it is true. You can truly be free only when the boundaries are defined.  Else, you will encroach on someone else’s freedom and thus would not be free at all. As someone else will then encroach your freedom.

An other friend of mine says that freedom is a state of mind. And I agree. Unless I agree to be someone’s slave, I cannot be made one. I can be tortured into submission but my spirit cannot be. Isn’t that the factor that gave us our freedom?

In short, freedom is nothing but co-existing within the given boundaries until we feel constricted by them.  We then, rebel against the established boundaries, thereby, stretching the limits.

But the boundaries remain.

In conclusion,

Unless constricted, freedom is co-existence of all the entities within the set boundaries, which can be modified depending upon the constraints at the given period of time.


9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I guess freedom is not letting someone else define your boundaries… mmm or not stepping on other’s freedoms 🙂
    And freedom is also one’s right (or freedom) to justice and equality, and freedom from discrimination. What do you think of freedom to not be offended… because the freedom to take offense for something somebody else else said or did is something I am never quite convinced about.

    1. how can we depend on better judgement of someone else to not over step their boundaries? That is certainly going to lead to anarchy!

      @ if we dont take offense for something someone said or did.. what will be take offense about? 😛

  2. freedom is a rational choice. it’s when you set your boundaries, mindful of what exactly you’re doing and what you want to do. freedom is more mental than physical. we are so often constrained by the obvious, by the past, by what others tell us, that we sometimes don’t realize what is truly possible, and that we are free to do it.

    in a one liner, “freedom is the means to make and keep oneself happy”.

    and contrary to what the world may tell you, nobody can give or take away your freedom.

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