10 things you should know before you meet me….

1. I love talking. If you stay quiet don’t blame me.

2. Don’t ever let me start talking about books or dogs or poems unless you are interested much. Once I start, its hard for me to stop

3. I love coffee and eating. So a coffee place is the best place to meet always. Open air ones the best.

4. Be prepared for me to be late. I am never on time.

5. Chocolates and books as gifts would be most appreciated.

6. Offer to pay but agree to go dutch, you will be respected more.

7. Chivalry never goes out of fashion. Charm me with it

8. Be prepared for a long walk. Don’t tell me you love walking and when I ask say you are tired. One is never tired to walk with the right person

9. You are welcome to talk anything under stars. Even the topics , you think I might not like. Surprise me and yourself.

10. Saying something absolutely incongruous , inane and oh silly would be lauded with stomach shaking laughter. So you are welcome to make a fool of yourself.


12 thoughts on “10 things you should know before you meet me….

  1. hi there! am a silent reader from malaysia for the past few months.. i absolutely enjoy your writing on life, poems, everything!! yoy u express so eloquently. so, yes, am looking forward to meeting you.. and thanks for the tips! πŸ™‚

  2. you wer suppose to throw a party @Costa … now keep scratching ur head …. ( to recall who is this he he he )

      1. So did ya realize who ws that :P… so wen are u throwing party..? waise first we will wrap up Pani Poori event πŸ˜€

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