She came home riding in an auto. And she still loves them. I dare you to take her near an auto. She would jump in and sit on the seat and look at me like she wants to say, ‘ What are you waiting for? ‘

And when I start dancing on my favorite song, she initially used to bark and now, she looks at me like, ‘ Get over with it will ya?’

Who says dogs can understand only words and not language? They are stupid really. I can have long conversations with her.

‘Sweety! Inge va’ ( yes I talk to her in tamil,. hindi, english, kannada and konjhu language. She understand everything and replies with a bark)


‘Sweety Inge va ma’ ( come here)

No response.

” Yen gundu kutti, chellu kutti , puttu kutti inge va’ ( my fatso, sweet baby.. in that vein, please come”

A very nicely suppressed grin.  Arrogant even.

” Chocolate kudupen. Biski venuma? ‘ ( will give chocolates. Want biscuit? )

She comes running at full speed and jumps on me.  And then we tangle, tumble whatever! I box her ears and she growls at me. We shift positions. Sometimes I am aggressive sometimes, she is.  She holds my hand with her mouth. Never too hurting though. She never has ever bitten anyone. Not even when she was a kiddo. Shes bitten, our clothes ( still does), pillows ( loves them!) , leather stuff, bags.. the list is not endless ( thank god)

Sometimes, we play hide and seek. I hides, she searches. At others she hides and I act like I am searching. I ask , where is my sweety baby? I can’t see her. Is she in kitchen, ( go and check). Smitha’s room and then go to my bed and log on to the net. She gets bored of waiting and comes in search of me. No need to mention how pissed she is.


“Yes, one minute”


” Yes sweety kannu, sit”


*caresses her, rolls her ears( yes and she doesnt rolls her eyes) *

*doggie heaven. Game forgotten for sometime*

After 15 min or so, *barks*

No response.


Moves away.

*pulls the bed sheet*

No response.

*bites pillows*

“Sweety!!!!”, I scold

With a grin take the pillow and run away. Not to mention, thus starts the game of catch me if you can.

Some times , we get too lazy and don’t take Sweety out for walk. She knows how to teach us lesson. When we return not only house is a mess, she even shits all over the place.  ( Luckily, taking her for a walk resolves that issue)

Sometimes, my sis scolds her and its so funny. She will be like,  ‘ you are so selfish sweety. You dont think of anyone else do you?’

She would look suitably contrite, wag her tail and then look so innocent.

I wish I could tell you about her expression when she finds something that she doesn’t understand. Or about the time when she used to be so afraid of mobiles, or when she loved to fetch them for us everytime the call came until well the mobile was no more…

Damn.  its so hard to write a bog post about my sweety though I can make your ears go all red by talking about her.

Leaving you guys with a lill uninspired verse that I wrote for some prompt. .

You look upto me with innocent eyes,

And I engulf you in a tight hug

Until I see the spoilt rug!
Just then you know to swiftly run
Ah you know! Its no time for fun!
And yet when I don’t see you for long
A thud in my heart simply cries out!
Filled with fear and many a doubt
Oh my baby my darling sweety!
Where are you? Won’t you come along?
And on the cue you appear from nowhere
As if you were waiting for my voice
Calling for you with loving care
Contrite you look, wagging your tail

And I can’t stay angry, my resolves simply fail


7 thoughts on “Sweety

  1. You really kept your word. I’m in love with sweety now!

    Oh, we have house trained Eddie (my dog)… if you use odor neutralizer in places where she has pee’d or pooped she wont do it again. The always smell the place they wish to pee/poop… you get orange n lemon flavored neutralizers that cats n dogs don’t really like. This ensures a clean house on return.

    N the pillow fight, buy her tugs… she probably just wants to rub the inside of her mouth. They get scratchy!

    Let me know if you want more tips… I’ve house-trained dogs for others as well.

    RS (Indigypsy from twitter)

    1. Will give a try to neutralizers for sure. Never really need it. Mostly she pees in the loo but only when we dont take her out she messes the house. Believe me. shes smart that way.

      And about the pillows. Mostly now its a gimmick to get our attention. I bought her plastic bones, tug, ball and all. she never plays with them. She always preferred a stick or coconut’s hard shell to play =D

      And she loves soft toys to hold in her mouth always =D

  2. Most of the things made miss me my persian (it’s my cat ). I am not a dog person, But really loved this post of ur’s 🙂 .. Dog are woMEN’s best friend ( In my case CAT’s :P)

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