Dear you,

There is nothing I woud like to do right now is to reach out and give you a tight slap. And you would like that too. But I never could do that. May be thats why you would  never love me.

There are times I hate you so much. Oh but I love you so much more. Isn’t that just the saddest thing possible?

Saddendly yours



4 thoughts on “

  1. When I read the first two lines, I thought you got yourself a stalker but the third line changed my mind and intrigued me.

    Isn’t it the saddest part that sometimes one gets what they want but not the way it was meant to be. Cannot do anything about it…

  2. maayoos to hoon vaade se tere, kuchh aas nahiin, kuchh aas bhii hai
    main apne Khayaalon ke sadqe ! too paas nahiin, aur paas bhii hai….

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