For long, I was jealous of her. With her red ribbons and white teeth and beautiful craft items, how I hated her and how I wanted to be her friend. She was so different from rest of us.

And she had so many friends. All of them crowding around her. I suspected that she gave them chocolates. I bought them too. But no one would take them from me.

They would all sit around her during the recess, share stories, jokes and eat ‘dubba’ with her. Playing with her shiny, silvery ‘legs’. Oh how it glittered in sun. I often wondered if it was cold to touch. I wanted to play with it too. But I never went.

I wanted all those friends for myself. I wanted them to come to me, offer to carryΒ  my bag and my water bottle. And I wanted to sit in the class for the Mass Drill period. I wanted to be allowed to take a friend to the ‘toilet’ with me and not go alone. I wanted to be included in the popular girls group. Most of all, I wanted my mom to come to school everyday. To pick me up and drop at school and during the lunch, visit with choicest of delicacies.

Oh how I envied her for a long long time! She had everything. She could skip boring periods, she had cool friends, and her mom was always around.

Then I grew up!


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