Tell a tale!

Last week, after introduction through a friend, I went to catch a play with an acquaintance. It was a collection of 8 short stories of Anton Chekov. We mightily enjoyed the play and I mightily enjoyed meeting the friend.

He had this very south indian-ish and yet very bengali-ish accent which reminded me of an old friend and at the same time it had a very childish lilt to it without being irritating! We talked about quite a lot of topics but predictably, it rotated mostly on our common friend, few other acquaintances and then settled on mutually favorite topic. Creativity. We discussed poetry, which we both write. Stories, which we both think about and never end up writing them down as we are not patient enough for that. Movies, he a buff, me not as much. And orkut. Where we got to know of each other.

So by the way of conversation, a friend of his suggested that he should give the outline of a story as a prompt, which someone probably might like to give words to. That way, the ideas won’t be lost and something can be salvaged from it.  I found the idea very interesting and thought why not do this on my blog? So here goes the first prompt and my outline.


The other day, I saw this ad about this little kid with his Dad looking at a car before buying and came up with this story. Think of a lower middle class family. Every sunday, the family dresses in their best and go out. And their destination is the nearest car show room. They avail of the free test ride to get the feel of high living. Dad actually is a chauffeur for a rich business man. So it is possible that they wear clothes that are supposed to be given out to dry cleaning which the wife washes at home after they come back. Of course to make extra income through that.

So, this family hits different show rooms every sunday, act as if they plan to buy and then say, his secretary will call them back and disappear. For effect, he even gives out the business card of his employer. This story continues, until the show room employees realize the scam and one overenthusiastic salesman humiliates them. And they have to return in shame. Thats when the kid decides one day, his dad would test ride a car built by him and no one would humiliate him. And he does.

Sadly, I had this beautiful punchline that made transformed this story into something not so cliched. But I forgot what the punch line was. Wonder if someone can fine tune this.


This is the challenge. Make this story into no-so-cliched and tell it well!


8 thoughts on “Tell a tale!

  1. Tell me about forgetting the punch line! I had a somewhat similar experience, have still not got the res of a story I had planned. Oh yeah I can make a blog out of it though, the forgetting part I mean! 😉

    By the way, that’s a neat story line. I think I know someone who can do justice to it. Lemme try and push him.

  2. My dad was poor and he had a dream,a dream that is only affordable for rich-“a car”.Even though the dream was unreachable he lived it for a while by…………………….. « to be contd »

    1. Ah its not just about the dad! Its about the son too. Dad already could drive his owner’s car.. the whole point is to show the son.. that there is a world out there.. which even if he cannot reach now.. he can in future.. the point is that you experienced it.. doesnt matter for how long.. as long as u dont cheat anyone outta it.. a few lies here n there doesnt matter

  3. even though i was happy with what i am , eating iddli all time ofcourse iddìi was great low cost meal for us ,yet we are happy but my father was not …..why??? «to be contd»

  4. he want to ride his own car,as far as there is no ban to dreaming every one has the right to do so also,isnt my father dont have that right i dont think so. But living his dream cost us this much,we dont ever imagined it in our wilder dreams .what did he do???? « to be contd »

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