‘He sold his soul to the devil’

They whispered into each others ears. Rumors spread like the leaves in the fall. First a random voice and soon the rest joined until the very forest shuddered in silence. It was a momentous thing. This act.

He was cherished by one and all, for being one of the best, Maryada purushottom, the perfect one. And now, he had sold his soul to the devil, of his own choice and in broad day light. They couldn’t believe it.

The jealous muttered in glee, he had it coming. The smug, self righteous bastard! He had it coming for a long time.

The youth had lost a glorious hero. They lashed out angrily against the injustice of it.Slurred his character with vile words and bullied anyone who tried to reason otherwise.

Elders cautioned. He was the purest one. Even if with the devil, he still was the best of the lot. There certainly must be a reason for it all. And God knew it best. After all, Wasn’t devil one of his creation?

The pessimist laughed at the ridiculousness of it. He must have done something heinous and must be punished by god, or may be, he is trying to atone for it.

The romantics declared proudly. It must be love. Love conquers all. Even the purest one can’t be left untouched.

The optimists, with stars in their eyes say, oh he may yet convert the devil, just wait and watch, he is better than us, the best of us.

Oh but the little ones, they knew best.He did it for saving another soul. Nothing could better this sacrifice. They repeated with bold naivete. And Everyone agreed. For isnt it true that often God speaks through a child’s mouth ?

He was touted as their patron saint.

Oh but none  could guess the actual reason. It wasn’t love, nor was it temptation. He didn’t want to secure redemption for the devil or for any other soul.

He sold his soul because he was bored of being good all the time.


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