I know I am not as you expected me to be. But guess what! you are not as I expected you to be. But if I was as you expected and you were as I did, what an unexpectant world we would be living in? Isn’t it better than that we are as we are?


6 thoughts on “Expect

  1. Hehehe, very clever! šŸ˜‰ My love is always conditional – it is first for the values a person stands for & then as emotional committment & ‘force of habit’ (to be emotionally committed) develop, it (my love) is for the person. So, if I discover that certain core value for which I’d loved the person is sorely missing, my love-quotient will take a dip. Yes, perhaps emotional committment & loyalty still persist.

    Above is not an algorithm by which I make my mind work, but is what I have noticed about myself with close observation of my emotional responses.

    Sorry for writing a comment longer than your post. But of course, it’s all your fault – who asked you to write it so short? šŸ˜›

    1. We all expect. And that is right. For if we didn’t we would live in a boring world where nothing out of ordinary happens.. for what is surprise if not going beyond expectations? šŸ˜› in a way…

      P.S: I dont write long post.. you should prolly visit Indyeah for really interesting and really long posts šŸ™‚

  2. i think love and expectation are two extreme possibilities & never two person’s expectation ever be same & love ends when we expect our partner should be like this~because in the last we lost the freedom to be self

  3. i am good & dont chat much now a days.i am a great admirer of your blog & v are friends for ever like the banks of the river who doesnt meet

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