A friend.

I don’t have anything new to say today. Nothing that you and I haven’t heard before. And yet this thought hit me anew and sent with it few moments that I had forgotten. It reminded me of a caring email. A concerned question. It reminded me of a girl with infinite compassion and wisdom that made me gape in awe.

Nostalgia today didnt bring with it sorry thoughts. It did send some wistful waves. But thye didn’t crash. Ours wasn’t a long association. She touched my life for mere few months. But left echoes that could reach me from beyond. Even after 4 years. Ours wasn’t even a constant association. It just wasn’t possible. We have never even met. But she has touched my soul.

A gentle girl with gentle ways. Lost like many others in this virtual sea. Today it brought me comfort to remember her.


Her name was Huda Ahmad. I met her, predictably , in an orkut community. She wanted to be a psychiatrist but settled for Dental, as her parents wished it. I don’t have anything more to add as such, as far as details are concerned.

Oh but.. she understood my need to make mistakes even when I knew it is one. She understood duty while one resents doing it. She knew of hopes that soars and crashes. She knew all that and more. But more than anything else, she knew of friendship. Friendship that transcends distances, nations, and mediums. Friendship so simple , so uncomplicated and yet or may be because of that, so profound.

In spite of such a communion, we are lost to each other. By a mere click of button. ‘Delete’. She deleted her account and that was that. We never bothered share email address or phone numbers. She’s lost to me as surely as she was found.


And yet, echoes of her presence haunts me even today from beyond.


10 thoughts on “A friend.

  1. Yeah even I miss a girl by name Faiza. We used to chat a lot on Yahoo, one fine day we had a fight, lost touch and she deleted her account. I tried to search her a lot on internet, but with fail. Don’t know where she is now.

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