There is something delicious about the madness you induce. Sometimes I wonder if its not you but this madness that I crave. I lock myself in this box of sensibility and propriety and you, a whiff of wild oblivion, entice me not by your presence but by your existence. There is something so acutely painful about this. Something so alive.


17 thoughts on “Crave.

  1. In terms of kind of people I crave, perhaps I am exactly the opposite to you. In an entirely different context, e.g., this [a short post called ‘Worship’ (click)] I wanted to explain the feeling of this to others: “entice me not by your presence but by your existence”. So, thanks for giving words to my feeling. But it still remains inexplicable as to how merely the knowledge of someone’s existence can influence us so much. 🙂 And *that* is something I am trying to understand.

    Take care.

        1. You so beautiful, smart and talented person, who did this to you, who has dared soured your emoz, temme m gonna beat him up

  2. There are special persons in our lives we will never forget and always love … whatever will be, even if they stay silent forever, isn’t it? – I guess I mentioned it before: I really love the way you write 🙂

    1. Martin you are so right! I thought I have had such a love.. but I guess my quota is bigger! I need two of them and thank you so much… I guess its not what I write but what I evoke thats so enticing 🙂

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