Forget and remember.

To forget is to be born again. A prerogative we all claim but seldom exercise.

To remember is to relive the old. A duty we sometimes declaim but often use it as a scaffold.


6 thoughts on “Forget and remember.

  1. How can we forget what means so much to us? We can not. Maybe we try to suppress our memories, try to distract ourselves, try to diminish the importance of the past. But all this won’t help. Like a plant that absorbs the ingredients of the soil in which it is rooted we store the feelings, the images, the words. They become a part of us – our treasure and our burden at the same time. Maybe new layers are growing around our old structures, we get a new surface, but we don’t get reborn. Not in this life.
    All the best for you 🙂

  2. To forget is to lose something of yourself now and then too.
    But to remember is to sometimes shape yourself by your memories, so that you become more of what you were than what you are.
    Beautiful words as usual from you Winnie! 🙂

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