I am a tormented soul. And this torment I cant seem to fight against. For it is I that torment me! Its like a whirlpool of opposite forces. And yet the forces are unseen; un-felt until their consequences overwhelm me. It would have been easier if I could identify this force.

Sometimes it feels like I am hiding from myself. My feelings abstracted in a way that I am not longer sure what is it that I actually feel. There is this pool of lassitude that wants to drown me. An escape I dare not take. What if its not an escape but a prison in itself. Self contained as a vast sky and yet limited by me.

And there are times when the whole gamut of emotions race through me like a storm and all that’s left is this frothy mess that I can’t identify myself. It would have been easier to go along but am afraid of what lies at the other side. Insanity.


12 thoughts on “Insanity.

  1. Diffeicult to say something witty to this. I would maybe try to meditate about it, write and talk about it, pay attention to dreams. Maybe then the feelings that are the most important ones will crystallise out. Don’t beceome insane, please.

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