I miss writing like I never thought I would. I loved the way words swirled in my mind wanting to come out.  The turn of phrase that lurked, smirked and then escaped before I could rethink it into something meaningless.  I miss being able to express, explore and escape through words. Stories waiting to be told, poems, feelings and emotions waiting to be described.  I miss all of them.And this aching need at the pit of my stomach, insistent, I miss being able to melt that.There was once a compulsion to read, write and experience blogs and bloggers. I miss that too.

In fact I miss being myself. And sometimes I miss what I have not become yet.


8 thoughts on “Writing.

  1. may be its due to the conflict b/w what to write and what not to write

    nice tip: don’t follow what the persons in the comment section are saying and dont filter what to write and not on the basis of that……….

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