Does a hunter feel compelled to hunt? Does his blood reach his eyes blinding him for that moment? Does he feel remorse later? Or is he accepting of his fate? Is hunting his fate? Or does the prey tempt him… mock him from distance? Always at a distance of course. where it is safe … In that case who is the prey, the hunted or the hunter?

Or may be even the prey is compelled. Forced upon this never ending cycle which has no purpose.

Or may be the purpose eludes us.

So… when it comes to us.. who is doing the hunting and who is being hunted?




3 thoughts on “Hunt.

  1. I have always believed that the lure of the hunt has been far more intoxicating than the actual capture of the prey.
    And so the hunter at times will release the prey, just to stalk it again and again.
    As for the prey, it lives and dies again and again.
    Perhaps that is because the hunter can know no mercy. He slays by infusing his prey with fear.
    Definitely, the hunter dictates while the prey can but tremble.
    And at other times, it is like a game between two old friends. At times, the hunt is all they know and all they have. And so they play it all the time.

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