Love me.

Like you have never loved before. With all your heart. Love me with your every breath, with your soul. Wake up with my thought , think about me all day and then sleep with my dreams. Drown in me like you never want to be saved. And when you have exhausted all the love you have in you…

Hate me.

With all the passion in the world. Burn every time you see me. Choke with every utterance of my name. Curse my very existence. Go out of your way to avoid even my shadow. Let the mere presence of me be a bane to you.  And when you have suffered long enough.. when you have nothing else to offer..

Attain me.


7 thoughts on “…..

  1. Immediately and unwillingly this comes to my mind: “The oppostite of love is not hate, it is indifference.” This fortunately seems to be lacking here. Will you ever sail your ship(s) to a safe harbour afar from stormy waters? 😉

  2. Life is certain when u live in austerity and solitude..It becomes wonderful when the person from fantasy appears..i have such person in my life who loves with all his heart.thinks of me day n night..then suddenly came a person who hated me d way u described(that was love too)because of his desperation 4 me..which later became love…
    i have presence of both in my life…but still i feel incomplete..:(

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