Simple Every Day Trust

Remember the last time you didn’t look or think suspiciously when a stranger gave you a smile or started a conversation in not so social situation? When was the last time you ate anything a stranger offered without any misgivings?

When was the last time you saw ppl standing on the road and offering you ‘prasad’ coz they just had a lakshmi/durga/satyanarayana puja?

Where did that common trust go? When did we become so mistrustful of everyone? Isnt it really sad?

I remember incidents in childhood while I used to stay with my aunt, in Jan, before pongal, when we used to rush to the temple for the early morning aarti, more importantly, for the ‘pongal’ that  they gave as prasadam which was so so yummy. I remember going to every house in the street while coming back and offering ‘vubuti and kumkumam’ if not prasadam for blessings multiply when its shared..

I haven’t done that in a long long time.. I don’t think people even know who stays on that street any longer.. I want that simple trust back.

This is what happened today. I was on my way, in my own world walking to the gym, happy as I can be. This old lady, beckoned me to the other side of the road.. my first response was to ignore and since she seemed decently dressed and was insistent, I asked why. She placed the prasadam forward and reminded me that its shiva ratri. Again my first response was to refuse ( and it was my last response) I told her no and that am going to the gym and that was it.

But it made me think. Why was I so threatened by a random old lady on the road?


In my defense, there are many charlatans who prey on gullibles with these tricks. And I commiserate with everyone with this dilemma. It is a hard choice and every one decides to err on the side of caution. And yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful to err and to find that it wasn’t disastrous?

But do we have the courage or rather foolhardiness to do so?


4 thoughts on “Simple Every Day Trust

  1. When that simple every day trust was misused, people became suspicious.

    Having been on a receiving end, I’d prefer to err on side of caution now.

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