Random Thought.

I recently received this email forward about animal cruelty against dolphin in Denmark. One was to forward the email while including their name at the end of the list. Wanting to know how the mail reached my mail box, I mean , where all the email was forwarded and when it reached some user in India, I was going through all the names in the list when I noticed a curious thing. Although most users sent the names in different fonts, the ones that stood out.. due to special spacings, colorful , special and big fonts, were all indian names. It was as if the users wanted the people who received the forwards, the unknown strangers to know that they cared.


Why would anyone want a random stranger to notice them? Are we so insecure that we care about what some nameless , faceless stranger thinks?


4 thoughts on “Random Thought.

  1. I was not able to relate with this one. I don’t remember scrolling down the list of names… next time may be I will do… 🙂

  2. because man is a social animal,even he thinks else he is socialising in some way or other—
    some use chat,letters,blog etc

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