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In the beginning there was silence. An all encompassing absolute silence. In this silence we all existed in an collective unobtrusive way. For thousands and thousands of years, we knew no other way to live. And the one day, far far away, in a forgotten nook, something happened accidentally. A small discordant tone, it was so slight, so minor that no one noticed it much. It was accidental and soon forgotten. Apparently not by everyone. Someone had found individuality or may be someone liked the sound. The accident happened again. This time deliberately. Soon enough many such mischievous sounds followed. Each sound was louder than the previous. These were loud enough for some one to notice and decide that peace must be restored. And paradoxically it was restored by a loud bang.

What they didn’t realize is that by resisting the change, they had inadvertently catalyzed the very change. For with the loud bang, noise was born. For the sounds emanating now were not of mischief. They were of revolution and individuality. Freedom was now their pet phrase. The louder the dissident sounds emanated more stringent were the resistance. And so much more amplified the noise. And in the resulting cacophony, the very silence for which the resistance was formed was lost. Such the way of life that most beings forgot what they were fighting for and continued to fight, reveling in the chaos perhaps.

And this went on until noise became the way of live. And individuality. Everyone wanted their own distinct noise. Harmony was a distant dream that only poets thought of. And even those, tried to create different harmonies, the irony of which was lost on them. And the noise levels kept increasing to such levels that soon the power to comprehend sound was lost on people. And slowly, deafness sneaked upon people like an unwelcome blessing. As the power to hear faded, more and more people turned silent. And as time passed, one or two people who could still hear were afraid to make sounds. In the utter silence it seemed like a sacrilege.

And thus silence prevailed.


15 thoughts on “Silence.

  1. um…humans didn’t invent/discover sound or even auditory communication. i believe (okay, maybe it’s just me) that plants use sound to communicate too…and then we have animals 🙂

    1. It wasnt just you.. didnt JC bose prove scientifically that trees respond to sound?

      Anyhow.. when i said ppl.. i didnt mean ppl as in human.. i had no one in mind.. dont u ever think/wonder abt the first sound that was made and how it must be and all?

  2. Good one Winnie. I rather not judge the post as scientific entry about the origin of sound (or life), but as a analogy I think you are bang on.

  3. I know you write well… but this is way beyond… I am inclined to think that this is some accident… or some Angel stopped by and made u write this… anything to deny you 100% credit for this 😉

  4. I must think of the informational bulk of any sort that surrounds us every day from people and from the media firework, and that we produce ourselves. Deafness to a certain degree is indeed a blessing and a preventive shield. I gladly remember my few visits to former socialistic countries where the streets looked clear (but often dreary) and you were not surrounded by screaming colours and messages seeking your attention.

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