As random as it gets.

It all started with a sneeze. Damn the miserable weather and his poor runny nose. To drown his sorrows at the end of a tiring day he visited the bar.

He had just settled into the seat and ordered the first drink when it happened.


‘God bless you’

He politely said thank you but was greeted with silence.

Then it happened again. Achchchoooo!!!

‘God bless you’

He thanked again and silence.

This happened atleast 10 times during the course of the evening as he got drunker and drunker. But he got no reply to his thank you!

He started faking the sneeze. The general idea was to irritate the one who invoked this blessing. But the invoker kept responding in unusually even tone.

The night finally started to lighten its color but the drunk didnt quit. Until he sneezed and there was no reply. The drunk got caught in a sneezing fit and yet there was no ‘God bless you’
in response.

Finally feeling vindicated he stumbled out of the bar.

If he could, he would have noticed the poor robot perched on the shelf behind the bar tender blinking rapidly with with message ‘Counter overflow


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