She had a funny walk.

She did. Her hands swinging around as if the screw has gone askew. They moved in different angles. And her posture, curved like camel’s hump. It seemed like the gravity fluctuated for her. Sometimes she dragged her legs at others she hobbled like shes meant to fly.

She had a funny face. It should suffice that her front teeth  resembled closely to a rabbit and when she smiled, it looked like they might drop off anytime soon. If that wasn’t enough, her eyes squinted.

As she passed by , I pitied her. I mentally thanked god for making me the way I am. I felt mothers trying to hide their children from looking at her. She seemed like a living nightmare.

I had just finished this thought when I saw her pass a bunch of kids playing in the courtyard. I pitied her some more when those kids teased her by calling her various names. I was half defensive half angry at those kids when I saw her eyes light with mirth as she approached them.

She went up to them and said smilingly, ‘ Can you beat me at making funny faces?’

And soon every kid was trying to contort their faces and soon belly aching laugh resounded all around.

I pitied her no longer.


P.S: This is my dedication to one of the awesomest blog I have stumbled upon in recent times . The author of which was gracious enough to call me a versatile blogger . And so, to earn my keep so to say and to thank him in the only way I can possibly do justice to this, I  dedicate this post to Yogesh


P.P.S: Since I have already had this award before and coz I no longer blog hop like I used to, am skipping the questions and the awarding the blog part of this.


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