A sunday afternoon.

Its a sunny sunday afternoon. An ordinary sunday afternoon. Like any other afternoon. Lunch’s done. you are sprawled in front of  TV watching some sports channel while I’ve sneaked into the balcony to indulge in the sensory delight of written pages. My weekly quota of fiction. Its romance this time.

Before I know it, am asleep.

Sometime later , you request for a glass of juice only to be responded by silence. Lazily you walk to the kitchen, fill two glasses and walk towards me. You find me smiling in my dreams.

Then you move that errant curl that seem to have covered my cheek and gently caress. I settle in more snugly and smile. Mischievously, you hold the glass right in front of my lips. A drop then falls down and I, disturbed by this wet intrusion move on the side. The next drop fall on the exposed part of my neck.  This drop trails down to hide in the my bosom. A delightful sensation seems to course through my body.

I open my eyes, find you smilingly holding out the glass to me and smile.

The chilliness of the juice, the sunny golden-ness of the early evening and your smoldering looks full of desire. This is perfect.

Note: This is where I am confused what to do. Should I let this story be as it is. Sweetly sensual but much left to imagination.. or should I raise the tempo and write an outright smokingly sexy write? But my limited experience with romantic interludes holds me back. I dont think I could do justice to that. What do you think?


12 thoughts on “A sunday afternoon.

  1. Hi Winnie, I guess with your wonderful writing skills you would create a great story … Just let your imagination flow, please : )

    1. Hey Martin! how r u? and whats with taking a break? hope you get back soon. I dont comment much but I like seeing new poems in ur blog!

      Oh and.. i dont think I can do justice to it .. not yet.. may be in few years 😀

      1. It’s more or less the same all the time (see my new poem), a little less intense. And I have more work to do what lifts me up fortunately. Breaks are sometimes broken up 😉 And I never meant to cease reading, just writing for a while.
        I think you are a great writer and could create a tempting story – you wouldn’t need to fill a book with it. But if you don’t feel the passion to do it now better leave it for later : )

        1. Thank you martin! I think I will come back to this some day again.. And sometimes its good to take break..

          Else the creative juices dry up.. but keep writing whenever u get time 🙂

  2. this is perfect. i don’t really want the messy details of what happened after 😛

    ps: you could work on your ending…i felt it was kinda abrupt, as if it was halted midsentence 🙂

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