Dear you,

Off late I seem to dream about you a lot. And I keep looking at random people hoping that it would be you. I know I am a fool. How else could I explain this incessant need/drive/expectation that I have? Feel like I could stumble upon you unaware any moment now. Even when I know for sure that you are so far far away..

Sometimes, I am amazed by my heart’s capacity to blur reality into a hazy, mystical place of possibilities.

But mostly I am thankful.

For in that place you are in my arms.

Emotionally fooled  but yours,



5 thoughts on “Dreams.

  1. Oh, this is utterly lovely despite its sadness 😉 We are able to distinguish dreams from reality but we sometimes realize how much they dominate our daily life … It’s this well-known bittersweet madness.

    “The secret of your beauty / And the mystery of your soul / I’ve been searching for in everyone I meet.”
    (Moody Blues – I Know You’re Out There Somewhere)

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