A moment.

You are literally in dumps. Feeling lonesome you went to a park. in its soothing solitude you let the tears that you hve kept at bay all evening to tumble in wantoness. You whimper, complain on ‘tweets’ and then settle down into a troubled silence.

You yearn for a single human touch. Someone to comfort . Someone to hug and hold you close. But more than anything else you are hoping someone would ask you, hey are you okay?

And in that interminable silence a single beep.  A sliver of hope. A smile waiting to be adorned. An sms.

And when it turns out to be an advertisement…


7 thoughts on “A moment.

  1. Hi Winnie, I have just been reading your “Memory” and think it’s easier to comment it here. For me it’s beautiful, heartfelt and sincere (to me that counts most).
    “As we stared in each others soul,
    dazedly in love
    Radiant in happiness,
    Wonderously aglow.”
    This stanza wears so much magic inside.

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