Sunday Musical Memories – 1

This Idea is stolen from Nimue’s awesome blog.  When I read that post, I couldnt help myself. I can’t say that my family was a very musical family and I breathed music since I was a toddler but yes, presence of music has marked my life all along. And I plan to select one song every sunday and post the memory attached with it.

I was a difficult child as a kid. You know the one who would keep ask for just one more song or story while you are just so tired from all the work you’ve done. Especially if you two high strung kids of almost of the same age and yes who fight atleast twice a day.  And to top it all I would go running to my mom with all the real and imagined complaints. She was my best friend. Frankly the only friend. And if it wasnt that I would demand books which I gobbled even then within a day or two. So my mom installed an interesting routine which I had completely forgotten about. She would tell us one story from mythology and sing us songs until we slept off. Every sunday. So it is apt that I blog this as my very first post.

One of my favorite song was the song ‘Lali Lali’ from the movie Swati Mutyam for the obvious reasons. Its a lullaby. But I didnt know that then. My mom had this beautiful voice and when she sang this song.. I cant express how soothing it used to feel. And she would always sing in Telugu and unfailingly my dad would declare that there is no language sweeter than telugu when it comes to songs.

Sometimes I am amazed by the interesting cocktail I have originated from ( no wonder I love cocktails!) My mom is Kannada from the KA-AP border , hence has actually done her education in Telugu and taught Telugu in school. My dad is Tamil. And we lived in Mumbai suburbs. Hence, I was lucky to be exposed to the music from all the three states even if it was a limited exposure. ( And yet I cant speak tamil, telugu or kannada)

So there you go, this sweet song from my memory for all of you!

I am so tempted to add more songs but I’d afraid then  I cant make a series of it. Anyhow, keep a lookout for this!


10 thoughts on “Sunday Musical Memories – 1

  1. Ok first things first, agree with dad that there is no sweeter language than Telugu.

    Further, this is the film which ‘Eswar’ was inspired from isnt it? I played this video and stopped in between…too touching…(and somewhere remembering the hindi version i saw..i loved this film)

    Musical memory indeed and u bet that we shall keep a lookout for this! 🙂


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