Dear you


I know you dont like rain. But whenever it rains I find myself thinking of you time and again. Not that there is a lot to think of. Which is surprising in itself after so many months of interaction you are still a stranger to me.

I still hold onto that gentle rain, that musty smell and the gentle breeze though that twilight has faded a long time back, I hold onto those orangish neon lights and those elongated shadows. Especially those elongated shadows, since in them I find a glimpse of you, very faded, almost slipping but definitely a shade of you.

I know how much you love shadows.

And  you know what else the rain reminds me of? Your eyes. The swirling depth of it. I dream of them in the ripples of the rain drop falling on the wet, tar road.

Drenched in you,



4 thoughts on “Dear you

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