Sunday musical memories -Part II

How many of us really give attention to our parents? How much do we know them? We might assume we know . We may too. In a way they let us know and in some ways they would have no idea about it. But their dreams, things they thought of when they were kids, things they loved?

Most of the things we are never aware of. But some, we are lucky to know. Like I know my mom loved to sing. That she wanted to be a singer and that she loved Amol palekar. And most of all I know her favorite song. I know this because I dont know how many times we asked her and she sang this for us.

The song is.. Saawan ka mahina.. from the movie Milan


Ah I know she was a wide eyed romantic, like I am…


2 thoughts on “Sunday musical memories -Part II

Humor me please? *winks*

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