Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be wonderful to fade away from one’s own consciousness. It would be strangely beautiful if it happens. Everything would be as you know it and yet a bit less substantial, a bit less real.

Colors would lose its vitality, true, but the shadows wont be as daunting too isnt it?

Would we notice more as there is less to notice? May be we would remember more. And besides, the white that is left could then be filled with new colors .

I think I would love to be faded right now.


3 thoughts on “Fading.

  1. That reminds me of my grandmother. She’s 91 now and suffers from a sort of dementia. Though I can not know if “suffer” is the right expression. I suppose that now she feels quite content, but the time when she was still aware that she was losing more and more control of herself and her consciousness must have been hard. I agree with you how it might be to fade away from consciousness, but I can’t see a benefit in it … maybe just temporarily it can be a sort of redemption.

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