She didnt like what she was tasting but she didnt gag. It was not an unknown taste. She had tasted it before. She knew it fr what if was but refused to acknowledge. Living in denial was easy for her. She had done it all her life.

It tasted like a stale breath stinking of cigarettes. She smoked them like she did everything else. In a hurry and in abundance.Β  It felt like listless lounging, mindless reading and gobbling nothingness.

It was gobbling nothingness coz she didnt taste, she didnt savor. It meant nothing to her but mindless action. When inactivity threatened, she capitulated.

She knew this sensation well enough. She embraced it as she tried to run away. It was her escape as well as her punishment.

She wasnt afflicted with any fatal illness. Or may be there wasn’t anything more dangerous than this.

She was bored. :/


6 thoughts on “Bored.

  1. I love your analogy to describe something I think we all have experienced at some point in life. I use to hear it at times when my children were small and always told them I did not believe they could be with so much to do. LOL

Humor me please? *winks*

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